Free image hosting

Hosting Images

Servimg is a free and unlimited image host. It allows you to store quickly and intuitively your images on an online server to post them on a blog, a forum, a website or to share them with other people.

A personalized account

Using Servimg requires the creation of a user account. This free account can be created in a few seconds by filling out a form with some basic information as a User ID, password, your name and surname.

By creating an account and logging in, you can find all the images that you have already hosted. It is therefore possible to navigate through the images already hosted on its hard disk. We can find an image hosted several days earlier and get her address to enter in a new forum.

This advantage is a huge advantage compared to other hosts not requiring user accounts. Indeed these sites, once hosted the image it can no longer find it you lose the address. You'll need to host it again. That will never happen on Servimg!

This Servimg account also allows a customized environment. Users can create folders to sort their pictures in them. This makes sorting and retrieval of images very easy. In the end, the user browses his hosted images as if they were in the hard drive of his own computer. This service will be a huge complementary if you decide to make a forum!